10th Anniversary of April Nineteenth

Weird it was ten years ago…there was a handful of new tunes and we were trying to figure out what to do with them. Junior, our bass player, tended to quit a lot around that time, so Steve “Dex” Drizos and myself had been playing a lot as a duo bit before we had the balls to make an actual duo record (Denmark Veseys). We wanted to get the stuff we were playing to tape…seemed easy enough…we had the idea to record basics live and then do overdubs. It shouldn’t have worked…as those things often sound contrived and soulless.

Jim Brunberg had the venue…the old Mississippi Studios…so we booked a couple nights and learned the new ones with Steve James and Jenny…and decided to add a couple old JJ standards. I remember distinctly thinking I wanted to make one of the “I’m so fucking high” records…of  which we made a couple…and I’m still proud of. Somehow, due to Jim, and those around us …we ended up with a beautiful document.

Dex and myself have the same birthday, April 19th…at some point around this time I asked him to remind me that my father’s birthday was the next day…he looked at me weirdly for a long time and finally said, “uh…my father’s birthday is also tomorrow.”

There’s not enough drugs to make that story up…pretty much sums up the record.

April Nineteenth is back in print and available at the Cosmo store!