IQ Option Trading Review – Is it a Scam or Worthy?

There are lots of trading software in the trading platform. Among all, maximum are fake, and their only aims are to loot your hard earned cash. As earning in the trading platform is a bit easy, so maximum people are investing on this platform. But unfortunately maximum suffered from massive losses. Now people are confused about which one is real and which is fake.

But today I am going to share the review of IQ Option. Here you will find all related information that will help you to decide whether  IQ option real or fake.

What is IQ Option?

IQ option is the newest and fastest growing trading platform and won lots of award for their extreme services. People can invest their money with minimum $1 to $10 and maximum up to $5000. This platform is gaining more popularity in the wide world with their friendly-user services. So, it’s a very profitable binary software where you can make your money.

Advantages of IQ Option:

  • With a minimum amount of investment $1, you can start up the trades. So, you don’t need a big amount for it. Just start with small amount and gain the profit.
  • This is the easiest and simplest way to start up the binary option for trading. No need for the big amount to invest on this platform and investing the small amount you can get profits.
  • This app provides you a free Demo account for your satisfaction.
  • After deposit of $100, you can get more facilities about the trading signals, which can help you to invest your money with more profitably.
  • It has made trading more simple and easy for the traders or investors.
  • For their extreme services and excellent performances, they have won 2 award that is for; 1) most reliable binary options broker, 2) Most innovative binary option.

Disadvantages of IQ Option:

  • Sometimes people gets errors from this app.This app sometimes needs much time to respond. And so the traders get bored to wait.
  • This IQ option provides you very limited assets to choose for the investors. So there are sufficient options for the traders/ investors.

There is few limitation, but I think they will upgrade it soon. However, IQ option app is trading overall in 25 countries. Its fantastic features give you a lot of facilities. So, you can deal with anyone. There are no limitations of time, you can trade anytime anywhere. You can install this app from Google Play store.