Fixing The Windows Aero Visual Effects Issues

Some OS users are hung up on the visual effects in their operating systems and are known to make changes to these settings to make it look all the more appealing. While some other users are keen on disabling as many OS visual effects as possible, so as to reduce the burden on to know how to use System Restore Windows 10. Microsoft introduced the Windows Aero visual effects in Windows Vista and you can disable it if you want to optimize your OS performance even more.

Now, Windows Aero not working errors can sometimes crop up in your system with at least some of these visual effects getting disabled. As mentioned above, this is not a big deal, as the performance of the OS is not affected in any way. However, if you are hung up on such details and would like the OS to run with all its cool visual effects, then you need to find out what has caused some of these Aero effects to cease working.

 Fixing The Windows Aero Visual Effects Issues

If you are using Windows 7, you should know that the OS automatically disables some or all of the Windows Aero functions to optimize the OS performance that will help users System Restore Windows 10.  So, if you only have the bare minimum hardware configuration for running Windows 7, the OS would disable these visual effects, which are not necessary for the OS functioning anyway.

So, the Windows Aero not working error might not always happen because of some OS error. It might be just that the OS disabled it to boost the system performance. The OS measures the system graphics performance by giving it a score on the scale of 1 to 7.9. If the OS graphics performance is below 3.0, Aero will be disabled. To fix this issue, you have to enable System Restore Windows 10.

Even if the OS graphics score is below 3, say around 2.5, some of the Aero effects might work while the others will remain disabled. So, if you recently noticed that some of the Aero effects are not working, then there is a good chance that graphics performance score for your system is below 3. To enable the other Aero effects, proceed as follows.

Go to the Start menu and type in the following keyword into the Search box: Adjust Performance. This will launch the Performance Options window on the screen. Select the Visual Effects tab and choose the Custom option. Under the Custom option, you will find the different Aero options for enabling visual effects like Aero Peek, Transparent Glass, etc.

Select the ones you want and click OK to save these settings. This will enable the cool Windows Aero effects in your system.