Stethoscope Homemade Cover: 25+ best ideas for DIY

A stethoscope cover makes an excellent thank you present for your most loved specialist or Best Stethoscope For Medical Students. Make them in bright, merry or silly texture to divert somebody to occupy someone from the genuine requirements for a stethoscope.

Things Required

  •  Sewing machine
  •  34-by-6.5 inch piece of fabric in choice of pattern or solid
  •  1-by-1 inch square of Velcro (sew on type only) or a two-piece snap closure
  • 2.5 inches of coordinating elastic

Instructions how to make it

  1. Begin by taking your length of texture. Trim the two littler edges for a perfect wrap up. Crease it down the middle with the goal that it is back to front (the print is confronting inwards).
  2. Taking the means in the picture underneath, sew along the edge to close the strip to shape a tube.
  3. Stethoscope Cover Steps
  4. Take the versatile and sew it into place at end “A” by sewing it into place around 1/2 (1.5 cm) inch from the edge.
  5. Utilizing paste or sewing machine secure your Velcro into place by sewing one side of the Velcro to each side of the tube. This will prevent the texture from sliding down the stethoscope.
  6. You could likewise substitute the Velcro for a press stud on the off chance that you wish it relies on upon your sewing aptitudes concerning how you wish to handle this venture.
  7. When you have completed turn it the correct route around so that the print is confronting out.
  8. At that point string it over your stethoscope with the flexible at the base and the press stud at the top.
  9. Bring the texture right-side out. String the stethoscope “sleeve” over the elastic rubber part of the stethoscope by putting the leader of the degree into the end with the Velcro or snap and pulling the texture upwards so the Velcro is at the top and the versatile sleeve is at the base. The elastic tubing of the stethoscope will be encased in the cover or sleeve.
  10. Done. Your homemade stethoscope is ready to use