What makes this different from other streaming apps?

Now the question is if it is similar to other apps like Netflix, VIU etc. then what makes show box special? It’s FREE. Yes, you heard that! Do you need any other reasons? While the other apps require a subscription to stream videos, show box is absolutely free and the best part is you don’t have to compromise on the video quality. So from the next time when you miss a show on TV you don’t need to find a torrent file of it with high peer and seeds and wait for it to download Movie Box Apk  for watching but now with this app you can start watching your favorite show right away. It streams videos with the best quality possible from 1080p to 4K.

Is the app legal?

So from the next time you miss a movie and the movie is no more in the theaters, you can just open this app and search for it and enjoy streaming on the go. You can also install show box in Android smart TVs.

Here is the quick look at all the advantages of the app:

  • All new and old movies and TV shows are available and the content library is huge and updated regularly.
  • No subscription required i.e. free for everyone.
  • Contents are easily searchable.
  • Video quality can be up to 4k with zero lag while streaming.
  • Smooth and material design UI

Show box is simply like a Pandora’s Box of movies and TV shows. In today’s world everyone owns a smartphone and having show box installed, it’s like carrying your DVD player with you. Now you don’t have to swap through torrent sites or YouTube channels to watch your favorite shows, you can happily use this app without any dilemma. Show box has already received a huge attention in the recent times. Now it depends on you whether you will choose to watch the movie for free or you will prefer paying hundreds for it.