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Jerry Joseph Self Titled 250px Jerry Joseph
Self Tiled – 2013
I Know There’s A Darkness, Ten Killer Fairies, Apollo, Cochise, Panama, Wisconsin Death Trip, Pony, Eat My Soul, Bouncing Very Well, Spy, War At The End of the World

Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons
Happy Book – 2012
Happy Book, The Beautiful Dirt, Kicking Hong Kong, Radio Cab, Anaconda, Wonder Wheel, LAX, Mile High, Mile Deep, Campo Miguel, Without A Rope, Temple Of Love, Thanks And Praises, Spit, Ship, The Road Home

Jerry Joseph, Bret Mosley & Steve Drizos
Charge EP – 2009
Charge, What You Feel, Missed The Boat, Stare At The Sun, Isabella Bird, On Time God, Evasive

Jerry Joseph
Cherry – 2004
Pogues Weather, Cloud Eyes, The Jacob Ladder, Revolution, Dig My Hole, And The Gold Of Their Bodies , Friendly Fire, Postcards, Bears That Dance, Golden American, Syracuse

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Conscious Contact – 2002
Coliseum, Kind of Place, Ching-A-Ling, Conscious Contact, Pure Life, Fastest Horse, Ten Killer Fairies, Little Boos Fireworks, Muscle, Glass Eye, Easter

Jerry Joseph
Everything Was Beautiful – 2000
Good Sunday, King of Love, What I Lived For, Both of You, 1936 Jesus, Mary Star of the Sea, Middle East, Mountain Home, Joan of Arc, You Again, Altar In Your Box, Beautiful Child of God

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Salt Lake City – 1998
Welcome to the Other 95% of the World, Fiona, Chinese Balls, Big Things, Grateful, Dixie Mattress, Sometimes You Just Lose It, Speedwater, Staple Gun, Get Down, These Gray Days, Salt Lake City, Back in the Hole*, Jump*

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