Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Craters of the Moon – EP
 2016 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. Craters of the Moon
2. Jesus Shot Me in the Head (Hiss Golden Messenger)
3. The Sound of Sinners (The Clash).

Jerry Joseph
By The Time Your Rocket Gets To Mars – 
 2016 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. Cosmic
2. Giraffe
3. A Really Heavy Feather
4. Supernatural
5. Mars
6. Light Of Stones
7. Run To Me
8. One World At A Time
9. Brother#1
10. Fog Of War

Jerry Joseph
Istanbul | Fog of War – 
 2015 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
1 Istanbul
2 Fog of War
Istanbul | Fog of War 300x300 album cover

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons
Singing in the Rain – 
 2014 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
1 Arms by Your Side
2 Three Mile Island
3 Drunken Moon
4 Turn Faster
5 Sparkle
6 Muzzle
7 Singing in the Rain
Singing in the Rain

Jerry Joseph
Self Titled – 
 2013 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. I Know There’s A Darkness
2. Ten Killer Fairies
3. Apollo
4. Cochise
5. Panama
6. Wisconsin Death Trip
7. Pony
8. Eat My Soul
9. Bouncing Very Well
10. Spy
11. War At The End of the World

Jerry Joseph Self Titled Solo Album

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
The Road Home – EP 
 2013 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
10″ Vinyl
1. The Road Home
2. White Peaches
3. Belmont Radiator
4. Land of Miracles
5. Iodine

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Happy Book b/w She’s Going Out 10″
 2013 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
10″ Vinyl
1. Happy Book
2. She’s Going Out

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Spin Cycle – Single 
 2013 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
10″ Vinyl

1. Spin Cycle


Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Happy Book – 
 2012 (Cosmo Sex School Records)
Disc #1
1. Happy Book
2. The Beautiful Dirt
3. Kicking Hong Kong
4. Radio Cab
5. Anaconda
6. Wonder Wheel
7. LAX
Disc #2
1. Mile High, Mile Deep
2. Campo Miguel
3. Without A Rope
4. Temple Of Love
5. Thanks And Praises
6. Spit
7. Ship
8. The Road Home

Jerry Joseph (Guitars, Vocals) / JR Ruppel (Bass, Backing Vocals) / Steve Drizos (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals) with Special Guests: Jennifer Conlee-Drizos & Chris Funk (The Decemberists), Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper), Dan Eccles (Richmond Fontaine), Wally Ingram, Little Sue Weaver and Paul Brainard

Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons

Mile High, Mile Deep – 7″ Vinyl – Vol I
(Cosmo Sex School Records) –  2012
1. Mile High, Mile Deep
2. Airplane
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons are proud to present the first vinyl release from Cosmo Sex School. This limited edition 7″ record (only 300 made) includes two tracks from the Happy Book sessions – Mile High, Mike Deep and a cover of Widespread Panic’s Airplane. Guests appearing on the two tracks include Jenny Conlee-Drizos (The Decemberists), Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper), Wally Ingram, Mike Lewis, Thai Fancher, Kris Deelane, Ben Sturgill, Joe Cunningham, Bruce Withycombe & Gus Baum.

Jerry Joseph & Wally Ingram
Civility – 
(Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. Civility
2. Muscle
3. Paper Planes
4. Shooting Up the Neighborhood
5. Furr
6. Good Sunday
7. White DirtJerry Joseph (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals) / Wally Ingram (Drums, Percussion) with Special Guest: Felix Fan cello / Jai Vatuk slide guitar, bass, sitarRecorded at the House of Love in Vista, California. Produced and Engineered by Jai Vatuk.
Jerry Joseph and Wally Ingram Civility

Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons
Badlandia – 
(Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. Fiona
2. Pumpkin Time
3. Syracuse
4. Water Tower
5. Revelator
6. Second Skin
7. Hallelujah Trail
8. Dixie Mattress
Jerry Joseph (Guitars, Vocals) / JR Ruppel (Bass, Backing Vocals) / Steve Drizos (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals)with Special Guest: Jennifer Conlee-Drizos keyboards (appears courtesy of The Decemberistsand Capitol Records)Recorded at Bandito’s / Virginia City, Montana / August 28, 29, 30, 2009
Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons Badlandia

Charge EP
(Jerry Joseph, Bret Mosley & Steve Drizos) – 
(Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. Charge
2. What You Feel
3. Missed The Boat
4. Stare At The Sun
5. Isabella Bird
6. On Time God
7. Evasive
Charge by Jerry Joseph, Bret Mosley & Steve Drizos
Jerry Joseph (Guitars, Keys, Vocals), Bret Mosley (Dobro, Vocals), Steve Drizos (Drums, Percussion)Produced & mixed by Garrett Uhlenbrock at Old Soul Studio in Catskill, New York. Engineered by Matthew Cullen.

The Denmark Veseys
(Jerry Joseph & Steve Drizos) – 
(Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. Letter to Chico
2. Elastic
3. Cochise
4. Broken
5. Ho Chi Minh
6. Helena Bucket
7. Supper’s Ready
8. It Comes In Waves
9. Zombie Blues
The Denmark Veseys (Jerry Joseph & Steve Drizos)
Jerry Joseph (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Vocals) & Steve Drizos (Drums, Percussion)Also Appearing: Dave Barbe (Guitar Track 4 & Keyboards/Vocals  Track 8 , John Neff (Pedal Steel  Track 7), Chase Park Transduction Choir (Chants/Shouts/Screams Tracks 5 & 9)

Jerry Joseph
April Nineteenth
– 2006
(Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. White Stag
2. Shooting Magnolia
3. Break It Down
4. Unprotected
5. Chainsaw City
6. The Night I Got Drunk
7. Montana
8. Miles From Here
9. Daddy Bruce
10. Junior
11. Under The Lilacs
Jerry Joseph April Nineteenth
Jerry Joseph (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Vocals), Steve James Wright (Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Mondolin, Slide Guitar, Bass), Steve Drizos (Drums, Percussion)Also Appearing: Brad Rosen (Guitar, Slide Guitar, Claps), Sue Weaver (Vocals), Jennee Conlee (Accordian & Wurlizter), David Lipkind (Harmonica), Jim Brunberg (Pedal Steel, Banjo, Wurlitzer, Vocals), Teisha Helgerson (Vocals), Raina Rose (Vocals), Joe Powers (Harmonica), Rock Homer (Horns), Hans Araki (Pennywshitle), Marilee Horde (Fiddle)

The Jackmormons
Into The Lovely 
– 2005
(Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. Blowing My Brains Out
2. Goat
3. Cool Hand Love
4. Touchless Automatic
5. We Will Go Down
6. This Is The Place Where Everybody Finds Out Who You Are
7. Fury
8. And In The End It Will Burn You Up
9. Columbia Neon
10. Swimming To Phucket
11. Panama
12. Gunsmoke
The Jackmormons into the lovely
Jerry Joseph: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Vocals; Junior Ruppel: Bass, Vocals; Brad Rosen: Drums, Vocals Also Appearing: Steve James: Guitar, Slide Guitar, Claps; Steve Drizos: Percussion; Willy Vlautin: Vocals; Jennee Connlee: Keyboards; Mike Lewis: Vocals; Pat Kearns: Vocals; Mark When: Keyboards

Jerry Joseph
– 2004
(Terminus Records)
1. Pogues Weather
2. Cloud Eyes
3. The Jacob Ladder
4. Revolution
5. Dig My Hole
6. And The Gold Of Their Bodies
7. Friendly Fire
8. Postcards
9. Bears That Dance
10. Golden American
11. Syracuse

Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Thai Fancher (percussion), Chae Fancher (vocals), Dave Schools (bass); Produced by Patrick Kearns at Jackpot! Recording Studio.

Jerry Joseph & Dziuks Küche
– 2003
(Cosmo Sex School Records)
1. Nothing to Say
2. My Little Tiger
3. Any Other Day
4. Spy
5. Cosmo Sex School
6. Oil
7. Any Other Day (feat. David Lindley)

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Mouthful of Copper
– 2003 (Terminus Records)
Disc #1
1. Brother Michael
2. The Jump
3. I Know There’s a Darkness
4. Tanker
5. Thistle
6. Electra Glide In Blue
7. Climb to Safety
8. Hey Mancha
9. Soda Man
Disc #2
1. Chainsaw City
2. My Little Tiger
3. North
4. She’s Going Out
5. Back In the Hole
6. Bright Young Thing
7. Chrome Koran
8. Sparkle
9. Pearl of Great Price/Sparkle
10. Savage Garden
11. Hallelujah Trail
Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons Mouthful of Copper
Jerry Joseph (guitar, vocals), Brad Rosen (drums, vocals), Junior Ruppel (bass, vocals)

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Conscious Contact 
– 2002
(Terminus Records)
1. Coliseum
2. Kind of Place
3. Ching-A-Ling
4. Conscious Contact
5. Pure Life
6. Fastest Horse
7. Ten Killer Fairies
8. Little Boos Fireworks
9. Muscle
10. Glass Eye
11. Easter
Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons Conscious Contact
Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Brad Rosen (drums, percussion), Junior Ruppel (bass, backing vocals) Also Appearing: Chuck Leavell (Organ, Piano), Randall Bramblett( Organ, Wurlitzer), Mike Houser (Guitar), Vic Chesnutt (Backing Vocals), John Keene (Pedal Steel), John Neff (Pedal Steel), Todd Nance (Percussion), David Barbe (Sirens)

Jerry Joseph
Everything Was Beautiful 
– 2000
(UlfTone Records)
1. Good Sunday
2. King of Love
3. What I Lived For
4. Both of You
5. Mary Star of the Sea
6. Middle East
7. Mountain Home
8. Joan of Arc
9. You Again
10. Altar In Your Box
11. Beautiful Child of God

Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Pete Droge (synth, (right side) acoustic, 12 string, wah, and (easy) electric guitars, wurlizter, backing vocal, drums, bass, hammond B3, harmonium, e-bow, synth static, electrical buzz, reverb crash, drum machine, left speaker telecaster)
Also Appearing : Layng Martine, Dave Hull, Peter Stroud, Paul Brainard, Caleb Klauder, Junior Ruppel, Elanine Summers, Ian Moore, Brad Rosen

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Salt Lake City 
– 1998 (Holladay Records)
1. Welcome to the Other 95% of the World
2. Fiona
3. Chinese Balls
4. Big Things
5. Grateful
6. Dixie Mattress
7. Sometimes You Just Lose It
8. Speedwater
9. Staplegun
10. Get Down
11. K-Line
12. These Grey Days
13. Salt Lake City

Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Brad Rosen (drums, percussion), Junior Ruppel (bass, backing vocals) Also Appearing: Dave Pellicciaro (organ, keyboards), Jim Bone (drum, percussion), Adam Sorenson (drum, percussion), Ben Sturgil (guitar, lap steel)

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
– 1997/2005 (Holladay Records)
1. Light Is Like Water
2. Pink Light
3. Whatever’s In the Basket
4. Pumpkin Time
5. Watching Me*ALL NEW TRACKS*
7. Amazing Grace
8. K-Line
9. Road To Damascus
10. Eat My Soul
Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Junior Ruppel (bass, backing vocals), Adam Sorenson (drum, percussion)



Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Cotton – 
1997 (Holladay Records)
1. Big Things
2. Staplegun
3. Dixie Mattress
4. The Jump
5. These Grey Days

Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Dave Pellicciaro (organ, keyboards), Junior Ruppel (bass, backing vocals), Adam Sorenson (drum, percussion)

Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons
Butte, Mont. 1879 
– 1996 (Holladay Records)
1. Speedwater
2. Chinese Balls
3. Grateful
4. Back In the Hole
5. Get Down
6. Road to Damascus

Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Dave Pellicciaro (organ, keyboards), Junior Ruppel (bass, backing vocals), Jim Bone (drum, percussion)

Jerry Joseph
Love & Happiness 
– 1994 (Back Door Records)
1. Two Balloons
2. Criminals in my Closet
3. Hold On Tou You
4. Thistle
5. New Psychology of Love
6. War at the End of the World
7. Yellow Ribbons
8. Glow
9. Henry
10. Ric and Rikki
11. Election Day
Jerry Joseph Love & Happiness
Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Kelvin Holly(guitar), Rob O’Hearn (keyboards), Dave Schools(bass), Bryan Owings(drums, percussion), Charles Rose(trombone), Harvey Thompson(tenor & baritone sax), Jack Peck(trumpet), Mickey Buckins(percussion), and George Soule(background vocals)

Jerry Joseph
Welcome Hunters 
– 1993 (Our Tresspasses Records)
1. Tarantula Hawk
2. North
3. Sleeping with Soldiers
4. Climb to Safety
5. Mary Lou
6. Mother Courage
7. The Beheading of St. John the Baptist Day

Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Steve James (guitar, background vocals), Glen Esparza (bass guitar), Greg Williams (drums, drum programming)

Little Women
– 1992 -Single on Wahine Records
1. Drive
2. Milk
Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Steve James(guitar, background vocals), Louis Butts, Jr.(bass), Greg Williams(drums), Geoff George(keyboards)

Little Women
Live at New George’s
 – recorded 11.2.1992 – released 1993
1. Breakfast at Lucille’s
2. Criminals In My Closet
3. North
4. Hearts Gone Blind
5. Wichita Lineman
6. Jam
7. Way Too Loud
Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Steve James (guitar, background vocals), Greg Williams (drums), Glen Esparza (bass)

Little Women
Live Radish Head – 
Cosmo Sex School Records
1. Breakfast at Lucille’s
2. Lick The Tears
3. Milk
4. Screamin’ Annie
5. The Most Beautiful Day
6. Ray of Heaven
7. American Standard
8. World Will Turn
9. Drive
10. Hearts Gone Blind
11. Life’s Just Bitchin *BONUS TRACK*
Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Steve James(guitar, background vocals), Louis Butts, Jr.(bass), Greg Williams(drums), Geoff George(keyboards)
Also Appearing: Bobby Torres(percussion), Steve Smith(acoustic guitar, vocals)

Little Women
Pretty Wiped Out – 
1990 – Cassette, CD
1. Montana
2. Big Lagoon
3. Chainsaw City
4. She Belongs To Me
5. Fishin’
6. God, Guns, and Guts
7. Daddy Bruce
8. Eat My Soul
Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Steve James(guitar, background vocals), Louis Butts, Jr.(bass), Geoff George(keyboards, vocals), Brad Rosen(drums), Greg ‘Wally’ Freeman
Also Appearing: David Lindley, Ian McLagen and Steve Kimock

Little Women
Life’s Just Bitchin’
 – 1987 -EP, Cassette
1. Life’s Just Bitchin’
2. Breakfast at Lucille’s
3. Freezin To Death
4. Lick The Tears
5. Dead and Gone
Jerry Joseph (vocals, guitar), Louis Butts, Jr. (bass), Geoff George (keyboards, vocals), Greg Williams (drums)